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Tuesday, August 12 2014
Blogging Benefits For Your Small Business

Lots of small business owners want to be more active online, but don't know how. Blogging is the answer and in this post we explain why blogging is important and how it benefits your business.

Posted by: Carol Stevens AT 08:25 am   |  Permalink   |  0 Comments  |  Email
Wednesday, June 18 2014
All Style, No Substance: 3 Signs Your Website Isn't Useful Enough

Many people go overboard on trying to get their website to look like the latest design trend or apply too many distracting elements. A great site has great content first, is easy to use, and is actually useful. Check out these tips for examples of what to avoid.

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Tuesday, April 29 2014
Why Your Small Business Needs a Blog

Blogging is what keeps your site fresh, useful, and relevant in the easiest and most simplistic way possible. In this post we cover the details about why that's important.

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Tuesday, April 15 2014
Build Brand Awareness on a Tight Budget

Brand awareness is becoming a much more important part of online marketing due to changes in how the search engines are listing sites. Brands with high recognition and an active social presence are getting higher priority. Learn how to build your brand cost effectively.

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Monday, March 03 2014
Don't Let Your Images Hurt Your Image

The images you use on your website or your social posts can easily make or break your efforts. Follow these simple suggestions to ensure that your images are the best they can be.

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Friday, January 10 2014
Be Prepared When Your Content Goes Viral

At any given time, something you have posted online can go viral and you can suddenly have a massive influx of new visitors. More than you could ever think possible. Here we discuss how to be prepared and how to handle the activity that comes with all those new eyes and opinions.

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Monday, December 02 2013
4 Ways Social Media Can Improve Your Online Business

The use of social media as a means of attracting potential customers is a major marketing game changer. For online businesses in particular, knowing how to properly use social media is imperative. Here are four ways social media to improve your online business.

Posted by: Carol S. AT 08:30 am   |  Permalink   |  0 Comments  |  Email
Friday, November 22 2013
How to Effectively Blog for Your Business

Companies that blog receive significantly more Web traffic than their non-blogging competitors. Blogging helps build a social media presence and draws attention to a company’s brand, products, or services. You can increase your company’s traffic, reputation and profits through successful blogging by implementing these tips.

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