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Thursday, January 30 2014

Here's a funny infographic showing how to increase your social media audience.

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Tuesday, January 28 2014
Is Your Website Over Optimized?

Some of the fundamentals of search engine optimization have changed a great deal over the last few years. If you haven't reviewed and updated some of the base content of your site then it could easily be over optimized and suffering in the search listings as a result. Read this post to learn what to look for and how to correct it.

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Thursday, January 23 2014
.Net Domain Fees Being Increased

The whosale registration and renewal fees for .Net domain names are being increased soon.  Click the post title above to get the details.

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Tuesday, January 21 2014
When To Ditch Your Biz Name To Play The Domain Game

Your website domain name is the address visitors use to get to your site.  But it is also part of your brand identity and can be the key in whether somebody remembers you exist or not.  Learn whether you have a good domain name or not and what to do if you don't.

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Thursday, January 16 2014
Think You're Done With Your Website? Think Again!

The days of build a website and never do anything else with it are over. Here we talk about why you need to treat your site like an ongoing project and tips on how to keep it fresh.

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Monday, January 13 2014
Need Content for Your Website? Consider These Ideas

If you're doing business online then you need to be adding fresh content to your website on a regular basis to stay or get noticed by the search engines and get shares on the social networks. Here are some content generation ideas you may not have considered.

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Friday, January 10 2014
Be Prepared When Your Content Goes Viral

At any given time, something you have posted online can go viral and you can suddenly have a massive influx of new visitors. More than you could ever think possible. Here we discuss how to be prepared and how to handle the activity that comes with all those new eyes and opinions.

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Monday, January 06 2014
Using Instagram to Promote Your Business

Instagram is another social networking tool that can benefit your business.  Read this post to learn all about Instagram, how it works, and how to get started with it.

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