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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am having problems saving my work, logging in, or editing my pictures. Why?
    If you are having any kind of problem with your website then this is most likely the cause. Our software assigns a security ID and a session ID to your computer everytime you login to your account. Those IDs are used to recognize the changes you make and your authority to make them. When you logout, the IDs are removed from your computer and new ones are added the next time you login. If you leave your account without logging out, are timed out, or if you use your browser buttons instead of the editor buttons to navigate through your site while in edit mode then the ID tracking can get mixed up and confuse our software.

    To correct this problem you must manually remove the IDs from your computer before you login to your account again.

    Security and session IDs are stored in your computer's cache or temporary internet files folder. Those files are accessed differently depending on what type of computer you are using and what operating system and browser is installed.

    For PC computers running Windows 98 or later and Internet Explorer 4 or later, follow these instructions.
    Start Internet Explorer.
    Somewhere in the toolbars at the top of your browser is a Tools button, click it.
    A small list box will open, click Internet Options.
    A larger box will open with a series of tabs across the top, click the General tab.
    On the General page you will see a section labeled Temporary Internet Files, click the Delete Files button and the Delete Cookies button.

    If you continue to have problems or can't find where the IDs are stored then send us an email.  back to top

  • How do I edit my site?
    Log in to your account and click on the Edit tab at the top of the screen. Then use the green Add buttons to add items to your pages.  back to top

  • Can I use my own domain name?
    Yes, you can use your own domain name that you have already registered. Or we can also help you register a new one. Domain names registered through us are $12.95 per year. Your website account must be activated before you can set up a domain name for it.  back to top

  • How do I set up my email address on my domain name?
    To setup an email address your account must first be activated and your domain name set up on it. Login to your account. On the Admin page you will find an Email Accounts link, click it. On the Email Accounts page you will find an Add Mail Account link. Click it and follow the instructions for setting up your email addresses.   back to top

  • I was working on my site and when I tried to save my work I was logged out. Why?
    Our software has a security feature called a timeout limit. If you don't click on anything for more than 40 minutes your session will be timed out and you will be logged off. If this happens just login again and continue where you left off.  back to top

  • How do I make my domain name work with my website?
    First, you must tell us what domain you want to use. You can do that in your account by clicking the "Set up Web address" links. Then your domain's DNS settings must match our servers. If you registered your domain through us then those settings were automatically set for you. If you registered your domain through another provider then you will need to access your domain's management system and change the settings manually. Our Domain Name Servers are: Primary - Secondary - If you need help making those changes then we will be happy to assist you.  back to top

  • Can I see an example of what can be done using your services?
    Certainly! You're looking at an example right now. Unlike most other website builder services, we actually use our software to build and maintain our website. We also regularly display several of our actual client's sites on our home page and our samples page.  back to top

  • Do you provide secure transaction processing of sales made from my site?
    Yes and No. Yes, we provide your site with secure checkout on our secure server and secure, seamless integration with your payment processing gateway and merchant account. But your payment gateway and merchant account are not included with your website. You will need to acquire them separately and we have a variety of packages available. For complete details click the Accept Credit Cards link at the bottom of this page.  back to top

  • What payment gateways does your shopping cart system support?
    Our web store shopping cart system can be seamlessly integrated with your payment processing setup if you use any of the following payment gateways. - Linkpoint - Plug'NPay - BluePay - - Verisign - - Skipjack - Echo - Worldpay and others are added frequently. Your cart also supports payments made through PayPal and offline payments by check or money order.  back to top

  • Do you provide 24 hour support?
    Yes, we provide 24 hour email support to all of our clients including those with a trial account. We also provide toll-free phone support to our clients with activated accounts. Priority is given to email support requests. Please see our Help page for more information.  back to top

  • What if I can't figure out how to use your software?
    Our software is the easiest to understand of its kind. However, If you need assistance adding something to your site, organizing a particular page, or need a sample of something done so you can learn how to apply it yourself then we will be happy to help you at no additional charge. But if you need extensive assitance or just want us to build your entire site for you then you will be referred to our paid "We build it" services.  back to top

  • Do you charge any hidden or setup fees?
    No, the monthly fees listed for each of our website plans on our pricing page are the only fees we charge. Domain name registration and merchant account / gateway charges are extra if you require those items and fees for them are paid separately to the providers of those items. Additional nominal monthly fees are required for special add-ons to your website such as password protected pages, extra storage space, extra POP email addresses, site search, or any other custom configured components.  back to top

  • Yahoo, eBay, and other webstore providers take a percentage of every sale I make through my site with them. Do you do that too?
    No. We do not take any percentage of the sales you make.   back to top

  • Do I have to sign a long term contract to use your services?
    No. You pay for your account monthly and can cancel at any time. To cancel, login and click the Your Account link on the Admin screen. Then click the Update Billing Information link on the Your Account screen. Then click Cancel Account.  back to top

  • What happens if my credit card is declined and don't pay my monthly service fee on time?
    Our billing system is automated. It attempts to charge the card on your account on the first day of each month. If the charge is declined then an email notice is sent about the problem. The system will then make additional attempts to charge the card on file on the 4th day of the month, and again on the 9th day of the month and will send emails each time if the problem continues. If the attempt on the 9th day is declined then the system will automatically disable the website. We can manually override that and restore the site until the 15th day if there is some problem that is preventing the payment. Just let us know if you need more time. If payment is not received by the 22nd day of the month then the account is deactivated and put into storage at the end of the month for at least 90 days. If the account is not reactivated during that time then it can be deleted at any time after that depending on system resource needs.  back to top

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