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Friday, November 22 2013
How to Effectively Blog for Your Business

Bloging for BusinessResearch indicates companies that blog receive significantly more Web traffic than their non-blogging competitors. Blogging is especially useful for the small business owner as it can help build a social media presence and draw attention to a company’s brand, product, or services. However, writing a quality blog is not always easy. Business owners are constantly seeking ways to provide quality articles to potential and existing customers. You can increase your company’s profits and Web traffic through successful blogging by implementing these following five tips.

Blog Regularly

Avoid letting a stale and neglected blog hinder your Web traffic. Set a regular schedule for blogging and do your best to stick to it. There are no set rules for how often you should do new blog posts and what makes sense for one business may not be ideal for another. Some people do a new post every day and others do only one per month. All research has proven, the more you do, the bigger the overall benefit. We recommend doing at least one new blog post per week at a minimum to establish a successful Web and blog presence. Your blog’s RSS subscribers will automatically receive email notifications when you post new articles. This will give them an incentive to visit your website and check out your company’s latest updates. Research also shows that frequent blogging can dramatically improve your search engine rankings. This will, in turn, increase your Web traffic, leading people to your blog through keyword driven searches.

Create Educational or Entertaining Original Content

When it comes to blogging for your business, content still matters, and knowing your audience is a necessity. Consistently posting practical information gives your blog credibility and establishes it as a go to source for authoritative product or service information. Blog posts that also include some degree of entertainment value can also be very effective as they frequently get shared among friends more easily. The most important thing, regardless of your writing style, is to make sure your content is original. Some readers will be easier to convert into customers from your blog if you offer them some kind of incentive. So consider offering something free as a way of introducing them to your products. Keep in mind appearance also matters for your blog to ultimately lead to increased business and profitability. This is where it is extremely helpful to consult an experienced ecommerce Web design company. Enlisting the help of professionals will more than pay for itself, as their expertise will help you avoid common mistakes and produce a successful website a lot faster.

Share Your Blog on Social Media Sites

A blog can only help your business if potential clients know about it and social media is the best tool for achieving that goal. Sharing your blog posts via Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and other social media sites is important. However, it is only a part of social media blog sharing. The other aspect involves posting blogs your clients will also share on their social networking sites. Increase your blog’s “likes” and shares by creating intriguing titles, writing on trending topics and incorporating popular keywords. Always consider your client and how to tailor your posts to increase sharing.

Link Content to Your Products

As you find yourself working on your blogging pursuits, don’t lose sight of the reason you are blogging in the first place. Your blog’s goal is to improve your business through advertising and increased traffic to your overall website. Inserting links to your products or services pages is an effective way to combine the educational or entertainment content of your blog with information about the quality services your business offers.

Avoid a Marketing Message

While linking to products in your blog is appropriate, work to avoid a blatant marketing message. Improving your business through blogging is also about showing your customers you care about giving them quality information and that you are interested in meeting their needs. There is a fine line between promoting your business and turning potential clients away through pushy sales tactics. Work to find that balance in creating the ideal blog posts for your business.

Entrepreneurs are finding a tremendous amount of success through blogging. Using these five tips will enable you to create successful blogs that will lead to increased Web traffic and ultimately improve your company’s success.

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