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Email Setup

Multiple email accounts are included with every website. Email accounts can be accessed by using an email client program installed on your computer, on an internet enabled cell phone, or through a Webmail program we have included with your account. Basic instructions are provided immediately after the email account is created for setup in a common email client included with most computers and bundled with Internet Explorer called Outlook Express. A link to the Webmail system login is also included on your website account Admin page.

Here are instructions for setup in a few other common programs and devices. These are general instructions only. Consult your selected program or device help files for additional assistance. Click the links below to go to that specific section of this page.

Windows Live Mail
  1. Click the "Add e-mail account" link found on the left sidebar.
  2. Enter the requested information
    1. Enter your E-mail address.
    2. Enter your Password (password info found in your website admin's email accounts area).
    3. Enter your Display Name.
    4. Check the option for "Manually configure settings for email account".
  3. Click next.
  4. Enter the requested information (detailed information to enter into the fields can be found via your website admin's email accounts area).
    1. Set the "My incoming mailserver is a" option to POP3.
    2. Set the Incoming server. This is your POP server.
    3. Leave the incoming port set to 110.
    4. Do not check the "This server requires a secure connection (SSL).
    5. Set "Log on using" to "Clear text authentication".
    6. Set the Login ID to your account name. Please note that you must enter your full email address.
    7. Set the Outgoing server. This is your SMTP server.
    8. Leave the outgoing port set to 25.
    9. Do not check the "This server requires a secure connection (SSL).
    10. Do not check the "My outgoing server requires authentication".
  5. Click next.
  6. Click finish.

Please note that if you get an error when trying to send/receive, try changing your SMTP port to 5050 and your POP port to 5051.

iPhone / iPad
  1. Click Add Account…
  2. Choose Other from list of mail providers
  3. Choose Add Mail Account
    1. Enter information into New Account settings
    2. Name – Your name
    3. Address – your email address
    4. Password – your email password
    5. Description – a description
    6. Click “Save”
  4. Select “POP” from choice of IMAP & POP
  5. Enter information into “Incoming Mail Server” settings
    1. Host name –
    2. Username – Your email address
    3. Password – should be set to value from previous step
  6. Enter information into “Outgoing Mail Server” settings
    1. Host name –
    2. Leave username and password blank
  7. Click "save"
    1. You may be prompted with a message indicating that you cannot connect using SSL. Answer yes to the option to try without SSL.
  8. If you still get an error when trying to send/receive, make sure that your Authentication setting in Advanced is set to "MD5 Challenge-Response"

Please allow up to 5-10 minutes for the verify process to finish.

Android Devices
  1. Go to your email application, hit menu, and click add account.
  2. Enter your email address and password. Then click the next button.
  3. Select pop3
  4. Enter your user name - your full email address (default is incorrect)
  5. Enter your password
  6. Enter pop3 server as specified in your email account setup instructions (ie
  7. Set security type to none
  8. Select next
  9. Enter the smtp server (different from specified in your email account settings instruction). Use ""
  10. Confirm that your port is set to 587
  11. Set security type to none
  12. Confirm that require signin is checked
  13. Verify user name and password are correct
  14. Select next and finish setting your preferences

  1. Go to Tools and click Account settings
  2. Select the Account options drop down and select Add mail account
  3. Enter the requested information:
    1. Name
    2. Email
    3. Password
    4. Click continue
  4. Enter your user name which is your full email address (ie
  5. Enter the Incoming
    1. Set your pop server address (ie
    2. Set the drop down to pop
    3. Enter your incoming pop port (ie 110 or 5051)
    4. Set the drop down to none
  6. Enter the Outgoing
    1. Set your smtp server address (ie
    2. Enter your outgoing smtp port (ie 25 or 5050)
    3. Set the drop down to none
  7. Click the Re-test Configuration button.
    1. You may have to click this button multiple times until the Create Account button appears
  8. Click the Create Account button
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