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Friday, December 20 2013
How to Make Your Business Facebook Page More Engaging

Share Facebook“You have to be on Facebook!” “Engage with your customers through your Facebook page!”

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve probably heard these and similar statements over and over again - and with good reason. Facebook has almost 300 million users, with new members joining every day, and there is a good chance that some of the people you’re trying to reach are among them.

Simply signing up for a business page and filling out the basic information about your business is not enough, though. If you really want to capture customers’ attention, you need to make your page as engaging as possible. Consider your Facebook page an extension of your business website. You put a great deal of time and effort into your business website development and you should do the same for your Facebook page.

Whether you are starting out, or have a lackluster profile that needs sprucing up, try these options to attract new followers and keep them coming back.

Create a Custom URL

When you create a business Facebook page, the URL of your page is the username on the account, i.e., While that can be effective, you can make it easier for people to find you by creating a custom username. For example, instead of using “Smithaccounting” as your username, use “Smithaccountingphoenix.” When someone searches for you using the Graph Search feature, your business will show up sooner in the search results if the searcher is located in the same city or nearby and it’s less likely the search will find a similarly named company located elsewhere instead.

Use a Custom Cover Photo

Your cover photo, the large photo across the top of your profile page, can be a powerful marketing tool. Facebook has some rules about cover photos that restrict what can be used. For example, you cannot insert any type of code or include more than 20 percent text, among others. But you can still use the space to creatively reinforce your brand. For example, brandish your logo with some powerful keywords about what you do or include a beautiful photo capturing who you are and what you have to offer. Never leave the space blank as it shows a lack of involvement in your page.

Use Analytics

Facebook offers some powerful analytical tools for business pages that allow them to effectively track their social media efforts and the response to them. Use these tools, which can be found under the Insights tab on the administration page, to track how many people like your page, which posts are getting the most attention, your overall reach and engagement, and other information about your page. By doing so, you can see what your customers are responding to, what they share with their friends from your page, and more effectively give them what they want.

Schedule Posts Regularly

Engaging with your customers means being present on your page and not merely posting about sales every few months with nothing in between. Facebook allows page administrators to schedule posts in advance. Take advantage of this feature and plan out a week’s or a month's worth of posts ahead of time, so you can keep the page fresh and relevant. Check in and respond to your follower's comments and messages as well.

Share Almost Everything

Part of what makes Facebook and the other social media networks effective is they give people a greater sense of connection to the things they care about. That includes the services or products they use. When you engage with your page followers you're reinforcing that connected feeling and your followers will share what matters most to them with their own friends and followers. That's the viral power that makes social media most effective. If you're not sharing, not creating and sustaining that sense of connection, then you're missing the best of the opportunity.

Use Tabs and Apps

Every business Facebook page includes tabs where you can connect your page to various apps to help you market your business. Connect your page to other social media sites, like Instagram or Pinterest, as well as your website, blog and other relevant sites. Make it easy for your followers to consume and share your content and you’ll see your business naturally grow larger and faster then you ever thought possible.

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