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Friday, November 15 2013
How to Turn Website Visitors Into Paying Customers

ecommerce website designBusinesses are increasingly reliant on Web traffic as a means of promoting products and advertising services. When it comes to growing in profits, however, Web traffic is not enough. Ultimately, a company’s website must draw in and retain as many paying customers as possible. The following four tips will enable your business to turn website visitors into paying, loyal — and satisfied customers. 

Consult an Ecommerce Professional

Creating and maintaining a quality and profitable website while running a full-time business is extremely challenging, particularly if you have a limited knowledge of Web design and/or social media. Enlisting the help of the right ecommerce Web design company is a worthwhile investment for several reasons. In today’s business world, it is no longer enough for your website to simply exist. Your company’s website is essentially your virtual store, and must therefore be treated with the same care in presentation and customer service. A professional can work with your existing goals to make your website aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate, giving the customer a simple and inviting purchasing experience. Ecommerce professionals can also increase your search engine rankings, leading more people to your products through keyword searches.

Promote Email Registration

Email registration is one of the most important and useful tools for creating a profitable website. To get the most out of your registration link, place it in multiple, highly visible locations on the website. Don’t make your visitors search for where to register and aim to build an email list of people genuinely interested in your business. This way, your emails and advertisements will reach people who are likely to become paying customers. Finally, don’t stick to simply one method of email solicitation. Consider hiring a company to test and evaluate the effectiveness of your subscription techniques to see what methods bring in the most business.

Provide Convenient Online Payment Options

Today’s online shoppers crave convenience, and your website can easily lose a sale or potential customer by not having convenient and up-to-date online payment options. Consider the needs of all clients, including those who may not have a credit card. For these customers, offer alternative solutions, such as PayPal, a secure and private alternative to credit card payments. For those who pay with a credit card, clearly display the logos of the credit cards your business accepts and offer as many options as possible. The security of your customer’s personal information is also crucial to earning trust and establishing a credible business, so use encrypted software that will protect sensitive information. Let your clients know on your website their information is safe and protected.

Have Quality Content

Getting a potential customer to click on your website is only half the battle. The content of your site needs to be so intriguing that the visitor will spend time looking at the various blogs, news updates and products you have worked hard to promote. Research your target audience’s needs and focus your website’s content on a clear and focused message. Establish your website as a credible and reliable source for information and products by providing well-researched and current content.

Although it can be a challenging endeavor, creating a profitable and competitive website is an achievable goal. Combine your expertise with these four tips to enjoy the benefits of higher Web traffic, increased profits and long-term customer loyalty.

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