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Friday, November 08 2013
4 Simple Steps to a Better Business Website

business website tipsFor small-business owners to stay competitive in today’s market, maintaining a compelling and easy-to-use website is imperative. It can be difficult for entrepreneurs to keep their sites looking fresh, and continuously drawing potential clients to a website can be challenging. A website can make or break a small business’s success. By taking the following simple steps, business owners can easily create successful, profitable and competitive websites.

Daily Web Updates

Fox Business reports frequently updating your business website with fresh content is one of the best ways to create a compelling site that potential clients will want to visit time and time again. A stale website with outdated information is unlikely to attract readers. Daily updates will give potential clients a reason to click on your website. Frequent postings will encourage link sharing as well as increase your search engine visibility. Make your updates intriguing. Let potential and existing clients know you value their input by offering interactive media that solicits customer feedback.

Regular Blogging

Research shows companies can increase their Web traffic by up to 55 percent by blogging on their websites. To see these kinds of results, you will need to blog frequently and create content relevant to your target audience. Blogging is also a great way to establish your website as a resource for clients through regular articles on the newest industry advancements. Additionally, you can use your blog to inform your clients of your newest products by naturally linking them into your content. Avoid blatant advertising, however, as this will turn potential customers away. It is also essential you share all of your blog posts via social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Create posts that will inspire your followers to also share your blog on their social media networking sites. Pairing your blog with a strong social media presence will drastically improve your website’s traffic and success.

A Fresh and Unique Design

In the increasingly competitive world of online business marketing, an aesthetically pleasing website design is priceless. One of the best ways you can improve your design is to enlist the help of a professional. The trained eye and expertise of ecommerce Web designers can dramatically improve your website’s effectiveness. A quality business website must be user-friendly. Clients should be able to easily navigate important information. It is likely you have a lot of quality information to offer your customers, but try not to overwhelm the site with cluttered content. The attention span of today’s online readers is rapidly decreasing, so you want present your information accordingly by allowing readers to quickly scan important points.

Keep It Simple

Clients who visit your website are interested in finding out about your business and what it has to offer. Avoid the risk of unnecessarily losing a potential customer because he or she couldn’t find simple, important information such as your company’s address, phone number or hours of operation. Do not overload your webpage with irrelevant information. Instead, highlight the most important aspects of your business and cut out distracting features. Choose a simple color scheme to avoid overwhelming readers.

Competing in today’s online business world is entirely possible by following these four simple steps. Give your site the facelift it needs, and soon, you will reap the benefits of a successful and profitable business website.

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