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Tuesday, February 21 2012
Adding a forum to your company website will create many repeat visitors because they will want to come back time after time to discuss the topics on your website. Also, each time they come back to argue a point, answer a question, or read replies to their posts they will be adding more content to your website which gives the search engines more content to crawl. The best thing about adding a forum to your website is that you don't have to write the content yourself.

Repeat visitors are something that search engines weigh heavily when choosing which websites they want to list at the top of their search results. If 100 people visit Website A and 2 people come back within a week to view more content then you can see how a search engine might not think it has the best content for its "customers". If 100 people visit Website B which has similar content and 50 people return within the next week to views more pages then it's quite obvious which website they want to have at the top of their search results.

Adding content to your website is easy with our website builder software and has been the biggest piece of the SEO puzzle for years. Most website owners need to spend hours or even pay money to add the amount of content that they want to their website because their competitors are doing the same thing. Having a forum on your website will allow your visitors to sign in, add content and come back next week to view it again and possibly add even more content for you. People on forums will ask questions, answer questions and even argue about subjects that you have on your website which is free content.

One of the big disadvantages of having a forum on your company website is the SPAM. Having a link from your website to mine will make my website more popular. So, scam artists will visit forums and blogs to make a post which may include a link to their website making it more popular and yours less popular. You should immediately delete these spam posts and, if your forum allows, you should terminate that user so that they can't do it again.

There's no doubt that a forum will make your website much more popular for many reasons. Having an easy to use affordable website development software will allow you to control your forum and change the design yourself when needed. Take a look at our software packages that will allow you to build your website for a very low cost.
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