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  1. Setup your email accounts
  2. Configure your email client (ex. outlook)
  3. Troubleshooting email problems
  4. Email forwarding
  5. Autoresponders
Setup your email accounts
To setup email accounts your site must first be setup in your domain name. Once your site is in your domain, you can setup your email accounts.
  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click the "email accounts" link from the main admin page.
  3. Click "Add Mail Account".
  4. Enter the account name and account password.
  5. Click the "Create Mail Account" button.
Configure your email client (ex. outlook)
Each email program has a different setup procedure. In general you need to add an email account in your mail program and enter the following information

  • Email Address
  • Account Type: pop email
  • Pop Server
  • Smtp Server
  • Account Name
  • Password

To view these settings for each account, click the email accounts link and then click the "setup/help" link by the account name you want to configure.

Setup Instructions for Outlook Express 6.0

  1. Open outlook express. (included with windows and internet explorer)
  2. Click the "tools" menu and then "accounts".
  3. Click the "add" button and choose "mail".
  4. Enter your name as you want it to appear in your email and click next.
  5. Enter your email address and click next.
  6. Select incoming mail server as POP3.
  7. For incoming mail server enter the POP server name.
  8. For outgoing mail server (SMTP) enter the SMTP server name.
  9. Click next.
  10. Enter your account name.
  11. Enter your password.
  12. Click next and then click finish.
  13. Select the new account, click properties and click the advanced tab.
  14. Change the SMTP port from 25 to 5050.
  15. Change the POP port from 110 to 5051.
  16. Save your settings.
Our mail systems require that you always attempt to read an email before sending. To setup Outlook Express to always attempt to read emails before sending follow the steps below:
  1. Open the Tools menu and select Accounts
  2. Click the Mail tab, select the email account in the account list and click the Properties button
  3. Select the Servers tab
  4. Check the My server requires authentication option and click the Settings button
  5. Select Log on using and enter your above account information

Setup Instructions for other mail programs

  1. Open your email program.
  2. Find the option to add a new email account.
  3. Setup the email account using the account with your settings.
  4. Goto the advanced account/server settings.
    • Change the SMTP port from 25 to 5050.
    • Change the POP port from 110 to 5051.
Troubleshooting email problems
If you are having trouble with sending or receiving email the first thing to do is verify that you have the correct settings for the account. Click the setup/info link next to the email account you are wanting to setup and verify that you have all of the information entered correctly in your email program.

NOTE: your account name should be the same as your email address. Ex:

If you get a server not found error when sending email, edit your email account settings, go to the advanced settings and set the SMTP port to 5050.

Email forwarding
Email forwarding will take a mail sent to your domain account and forward it to another email address. To setup email forwarding edit an existing email account and find the Email forwarding section. Enter the email address to forward to and check the enabled box. Then click "Set Forwarding".

Use autoresponder messages to automatically send a reply message when a mail is sent to your account.

  1. Click the "edit" link next for an email account.
  2. Scroll down to the autoresponder section.
  3. Check the "enabled" box.
  4. Enter a subject for the response message.
  5. Enter the contents of the response message.
  6. Click "Set Autoresponder" to save your changes.


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