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Website Design - Graphics and Clip Art for Educators and Business Professionals

Clip art refers to pre-made graphics that are used to enhance presentations, reports, or any other type of visual project. Certain professions use and see clip art on a daily basis. Business professionals, for example, can use clip art to enhance reports, meetings, training, etc. Teachers and professors also rely on clip art, frequently inserting them into lesson plans, classes, and presentations. There are many reasons to use clip art, ranging from the attempt to make the material more exciting to capitalizing on the fact that the majority of people are visual learners. Any sort of presentation that consisted of block letters on a blank background would quickly lose the attention of the audience, regardless of what the message was. In the new technological age we find ourselves in, the use of clip art is surely not going anywhere. Here is a listing of resources to help you find quality clip art for free.

Business Professionals

  • Microsoft – From the creators of the popular and powerful Office tools, here is their clip art page.

  • Open Clip Art Library – A very easy to use site that allows users to upload other clip art for others to use.

  • Clipart Guide – Many, many categories on this site enabling users to easily find the images they need.

  • Categories Galore – Aside from a business category, there are sections titled Internet, office, etc.

  • #1 Clip Art – Boasting over 10,000 images in over 300 categories, there is lots more than just business related images here.

  • Zero Dollars – The Free Site that has more than just clip art; also contains free icons, graphics, and buttons.

  • Business Cliparts – Good category breakdown with some non-standard graphics mixed in.

  • Photos – Business photos instead of clip art. Over 1500 items.

  • Buttons – Free clip art, but focused on animated buttons.

  • Free images – Good selection of business related clip art with some funny cartoon characters.

  • Animation Central – No uninteresting 2D images here, just lots of categories loaded with animated .gif files.

  • Cool Clips – Here are different forms of clip art, from images to photos to animations.

  • Digital Photos – Good collection of free digital photos to be used instead of clip art.

  • Free Clip Art – Smaller but decent collection of free clip art, with the only limitation being that they aren't used commercially.

  • eDigg – Free office and business clip art divided into seven subcategories.

  • Hassle Free – Clip art resource with a good search function that allows you to narrow results by file type.

  • Designed To A T – Simple and easy clip art resource, pictures aren't too complicated.

  • Icons – Part clip at, part graphic, this site has many icons to choose from.

  • Every Stock Photo – Very comprehensive stock photo web site that offers over 70,000 photos by searching for “business”.


  • Educational Clip Art – Free images centered around teachers and education.

  • For Educators – A resource for teaching professionals as well as different fonts and worksheets.

  • Classroom – A source offering free clip art, pictures and illustrations.

  • School Clip Art – Images from many categories designed to motivate students.

  • Discovery – The folks behind the Discovery Channel have an education resource that offers free clip art for schools.

  • Phillip's Photos – Free, original clip art for kids and teachers broken down by school subject.

  • School-Clipart – Cartoon type images centered around education.

  • Back to School – Microsoft's resource for education images offering over 150,000 free items.

  • Pics4Learning – Categorized listing of a copyright-friendly library of images for teachers and students.

  • Educational Technology Clearinghouse – University of South Florida resource with over 60,000 clip art images.

  • Graphics for Teachers – Backgrounds, borders and original creations join the listing of clip art.

  • Free media – External link listing with copyright-friendly pages that have free photos, clip art, and other media useful for presentations.

  • Archive – Originally hosted by the University of Kansas Medical Center, here are a lot of images, .gifs, and animations.

  • Multimedia – Over 5,000 images, borders, backgrounds, animations, and buttons for free use.

  • Fish and Wildlife Service – A fantastic collection of outdoor photos and digital media, free to use.

  • Ace Clip Art – A collection of free school images, this site even tells you the size so you know how much space it will take up.

  • PTO Today – A free clip art gallery designed for parents and teachers to use for projects and such.

  • CyberSleuth Kids – Good, categorized listing of clipart designed around various subjects in school for kids.

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