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Mobile Website Builder

For over 10 years, has been offering the best online website builder software. The Internet is increasingly going mobile and we now have you covered for that too. Introducing our mobile website builder. Using simple point and click functions anyone can now not only easily build a primary website, but you can now also make your own mobile website as well.
One of the hardest things about building a mobile site has been getting the content the right size. Using a computer to build a site for mobile devices isn't easy because of the dramatically different screen sizes. Our mobile website builder works within an image of a real mobile phone. So you always know what the site will look like in real time.

Take a look at the image to the right. That is exactly what you see when making your mobile website using your computer. You work within the frame of an actual size mobile phone screen and everything you see can be customized. All you do to add pictures, text, or other content is click the little green Add button just above the phone.

The size is set by default to be optimized for the IPhone. However, there are 5 different pre-programmed screen sizes to choose from so you can instantly see what your mobile site will look like in all the most common devices on the market today.

See the image below for all the types of content that can be added.
make your own mobile website
When you build a mobile website in our system it is automatically setup within your own domain name on a sub-domain, Anytime someone using a mobile device attempts to access your primary website address, our system will recognize they are using a mobile device and automatically load the mobile site you have built so the visitor gets the optimized site you made.

Each component category includes many different pre-programmed options that make it incredibly easy to make your own mobile website. There are over 50 different content component types to choose from. Just click the category, select a text option to type in text, and the text will appear on the page. You can add images, videos, music, forms, links, your own custom code, and even sell your own products. The only limit is your own imagination.

The best part is this new option is included with any regular website account FOR FREE! That's right. Our mobile website builder is included at no additional charge with all of our regular service plans. Make your own mobile website today and take advantage of our free 10 day trial to see for yourself how easy it can be.
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