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Website Design Tips - Website Content

Your content is the information or products that you want visitors to come and see or buy and any images that you use to assist that objective.

Written information works best and is easier to read when it is broken up into short, concise paragraphs. Just like you see it on this page. Ask yourself this question, would you have read all of this if we had bunched it all up into big, book-like paragraphs? 

Do your best to use good grammar and spelling. Run your information through the spellchecker in your word processor before you enter it into your site. You don't need to retype everything, just use your right mouse button to copy and paste. (Note - Our software now includes a spell checker option built right into every text editor component.)

Anytime you use images or graphics in or around your information or product descriptions try to use the smallest images possible. Also, refrain from using too many images on any one page because both large images and too many will significantly slow down the load time of your page. Your visitor will only wait approximately 20 - 30 seconds for a page to load before he or she becomes impatient and goes elsewhere.

The Site Builder includes an image resizing tool to allow you to make your uploaded images bigger or smaller. That tool is adequate for most resizing needs, however, extreme resizing from very large images to small ones or vice versa may result in the loss of some detail in the image. Better results can be obtained if you resize them first using a quality image editing program on your computer and then upload them to your website. For a list of recommended image editors visit our resources page. Or we can also do custom image editing for you. Contact us for details.

Break up your products into different categories within your catalog to help keep your pages from being affected by too many images. Even if you sell only one type of widget but 50 variations of it, you can still use multiple pages by organizing them into categories labeled "Widgets Page 1", "Widgets Page 2", etc.

The eBizWebpages Site Builder allows you to instantly create new pages anytime with your overall design already added to them. There are many different types of pages that can be created which are automatically divided into sections to help you achieve virtually any type of layout for your content. However, you are not required to fill each section of the page and you are not restricted to only one type of content component per section. You can add as many separate components to each section as you like.

The editor also allows you to add most types of content in more than one way. So if for some reason you don't get the exact arrangement you were going for, that doesn't mean that it can't be done. For example, images can be added on their own, with a paragraph in a preset configuration, with a paragraph in a custom configuration, and similarly with links. If you need any help just ask.

Lastly, there are many different things you can add to your site to spark it up. Things like banners, flashing or blinking graphics, animations, colored text, etc. There's a saying in the web design world that goes, "Just because you can add something, it doesn't mean that you should." Keep that in mind as you are choosing items to put on your site and it will help you to keep your site looking professional.

For more tips and examples of website design dos and don'ts we recommend that you visit for some humorous, but effective, lessons.

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