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Website Builder Resources: Guide to Perl Programming

Perl is an all-purpose scripting language. Larry Wall developed Perl in 1987 as a Unix scripting language. Over the years Perl went through new language, object, variables, modules and references changes that are featured in the current Perl 5 development. Perl is used for web development, network programming, bioinformatics and GUI development. It is used for prompt prototyping and web programming. Perl developers are currently working on Perl 6 with the Perl community. Program developers can look forward to changes in language, extensions and modifications that allow users to write programs in any language with a written parser.

Guides & Tutorials

Reference Information & FAQs

Books & Magazines

  • Perl the Hard Way: A book in progress that provides advanced ways to program in Perl. The book is available in PDF and Postscript.
  • Perl Books: A comprehensive list of books about Perl.
  • Perl Best Practices: An in-depth review of the 18 chapter book for programming rules.
  • Recommended Books: A list of three recommended books for learning Perl.
  • Practical Mod Perl: This book is centered on Perl and the Apache web server.
  • A Beginners Book: A review of Elements of Programming with Perl for beginner programmers.
  • Extreme Perl: An advanced programmers book to Perl.

Online Publications

  • Perl Journal: Past publications of the Perl Journal.
  • Win 32 and Perl: An online reproduction of Randall Schwartz’s book teaching Perl on Win32.
  • Beginning Perl: Simon Cozens book on installing and working with Perl.
  • Impatient Perl: Greg London’s quick tutorial for learning Perl in PDF and HTML format.
  • Embedding Perl: A guide to embedding Perl with HTML.
  • Picking up Perl: Online full copy of Picking Up Perl by Bradley Kuhn.
  • Perl 5: A series of training course materials on Perl.

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