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Website Building For Kids

The advent of the world wide web is perhaps the most important technological development that had taken place in the past few decades, and it has provided a great avenue for children to gain knowledge and learn new skills. The Internet has become an essential part of many people’s lives, because it makes it possible for people to perform business transactions and work duties, improve their knowledge, take part in recreational activities, and make new friends without leaving their homes. As such, it is beneficial for children to learn how to work with the Internet at an early age.

According to Internet World Stats, there are close to 2 billion Internet users in the world today, and this amounts to about 28 % of the world population. This number is expected to rise in the future, because more than 40% of teenagers in the US are Internet users. There are presently millions of websites on the Internet, and they serve many different purposes, ranging from providing information and entertainment to selling products. Parents and educators should teach children how to create their own websites, so that they can learn computer skills that can be beneficial to them later on in life. Children who know how to build their own websites can perform a wide range of useful tasks in the future, such as starting online businesses and creating information portals to educate people about certain fields of interest. 

Nonetheless, parents and educators should be aware that the Internet contains materials that are not suitable for children. Before they allow their kids to go online, they should explain both the benefits and dangers of the Internet. Some of the measures that they can take to ensure safe surfing include placing the computer in an open area, teaching their kids not to go to pornographic sites and chat rooms and give out personal information, and sharing their kids’ Internet experiences. Also, they should not have peer-to-peer applications on their computers, because these applications give children access to immoral and illegal materials.

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  • Wired Safety: A leading resource for information on Internet safety and education.
  • Internet Safety: Parents can learn about the various tools and methods that they can use to make the Internet safe for their children.
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