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Guide to Web Design and Website Creation

Web design is similar to print design. The layout, fonts, colors and space must be considered when attempting to reach an audience. There are principles and elements that help create visually appealing useful designs. The following resources will help increase your understanding of principles and elements when creating powerful web pages. The following links may help design a more accessible, user-friendly website.

Web Design


  • Cascading Style Sheets: The World Wide Web Consortium provides recommendation for us Cascading Style Sheets.
  • HTML Tags: Shows the basic tags used in web pages.
  • Writing HTML: 29 lessons with many allowing downloads to your computer. Create tutorial pages that you can easily access when designing your website.
  • Introduction to JavaScript: A module introducing JavaScript.
  • JavaScript: Provides 14 examples for using JavaScript.
  • XML: Explains the basics to XML design.
  • XML Parser: Explains how use XML parser.
  • HTML & CSS Style Guide: Describes how to use GTML and CSS code.
  • PHP &My SQl: A thorough guide to creating websites databases with PHP & MySQL.      


Colors and Color Theory


  • Basic Design: An introductory interactive web design tutorial that takes about 30 minutes.
  • Working with Images and Graphics: A guide to working with images and graphics and creating figures and diagrams.
  • Creating Links: Create links for web pages with this composer tutorial.
  • HTML Tutorial: A comprehensive introductory tutorial to using HTML to create text, graphics and tables.
  • HTML Basic Tutorial: A HTML web design tutorial of the basics.
  • Animated GIF: Create a simple animated Gif with step-by-step instructions.
  • Dreavweaver: A tutorial teaching the basics of Dreamweaver, a web editor.
  • Flash: Learn how to use Macromedia Flash and Generator with this guide.
  • Custom Layouts: Create a custom layout using this tutorial. 

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