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Merging Website Design & Business: E-Commerce Resources

Electronic commerce, also known as e-commerce, embodies the buying and selling of goods and services over electronic systems, primarily the Internet, although other computer networks are used among independent distributors. E-commerce includes all aspects of offline business transactions, such as product development, marketing, selling, monetary management, delivery and servicing. Electronic trade has grown exponentially since the advent of the Internet. In fact, entire sub niches have evolved to introduce innovations in electronic fund transfer, Internet marketing, electronic data interchange, inventory management electronic systems, and even supply chain management for prominent e-commerce establishments. E-commerce business primarily relies on the Internet for the bulk of transactions; however, it may also use technological convergence through mobile devices to broaden a customer base. Although e-commerce conducts business through electronic means, a percentage of physical goods and services face deployment and transportation from brick-and-mortar warehouses.

What is E-Commerce?:

  • Northwestern university: History of E-commerce: A brief overview of e-commerce history in a short time-line format. The rest of the homepage covers other aspects of e-commerce, including business model types, visual presentation, and industrial impact.
  • What is E-commerce?: A brief definition of the Internet business avenue that incorporates lucrative offline principles into an electronic package.

Government Regulation of E-Commerce

Business to Consumer (B2C) E-Commerce Model Type:

Business-to-Business (B2B) E-Commerce Model Type:

  • What is B2B? - A great, in-depth explanation of business to business ecommerce.

Consumer-to-Consumer E-Commerce Model Type:

  • Pennsylvania State University: Are E-commerce Negotiations Auctions?: A paper addressing the distinction between auction-related and strictly negotiated online business transactions.

The Future of E-Commerce:

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