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Writing Correct Website Content: A Guide to Grammar, Punctuation and Vocabulary

Although English is the most widely spoken language around the world, even native speakers occasionally have difficulty with its perplexing grammar rules and baffling spelling standards. Perhaps it is in part due to the fact that English originally developed from an amalgamation of other languages and continues to evolve and borrow from different tongues. Nevertheless, language is how we communicate and it is one of the primary ways in which we present ourselves to others. Embarrassing mistakes can reflect poorly on us and produce the wrong impression.

To help readers brush up on English language rules, this article provides a quick refresher. Within each section is a helpful guide outlining common mistakes and how to correct them. The following links also supply further information and examples. Finally, the reference material at the end serves as a guide on where to find further resources.

Grammar Help

Punctuation Help

Vocab and Spelling Help

Common Mistakes

Reference Materials

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