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Web Page Design: Clip Art for Educators and Business Professionals

In today’s society, 80 percent of people learn through the use of visuals. The length and time of business meetings are lowered by 28 percent when visuals are used during the meeting, according to the Wharton School of Business. Studies show that the presenter is viewed as more professional and a more credible source if they use visuals during a presentation. Both professionals and students retain information better if it is taught with visuals, states Geri E. H. McArdle, Ph.D; this is in comparison to information that is taught solely through verbal communication.

Clip art, videos, color and graphics are all included when speaking in terms of visuals. Students can learn about the real world through the use of videos that their teachers present to them. Students are more likely to respond to and stay focused when images are used. The academics of visual learners have been improved through the strategic use of lesson plans with images. The following links are resources to help professionals and those in education improve communication effectiveness, audience perception and the confidence of the presenter when in need of visuals.

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