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eBizWebpages Support Forum : Suggestions : Linking an autoresponder to the recipient email field
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Linking an autoresponder to the recipient email field

Pat Brown / Denise Benson
Posted: 13 November 2005 - 07:44 AM
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When a visitor has entered their email address to receive information from website owners, is it possible to link an auto-responder email to respond to their submissions? If this is not feasible, than is it possible that site owners are informed of form submissions through their site, by receiving a auto-responder confirmation email? This confirm email could include data that shows the ISP address, date, and time of a visitor's submission as well as pertinent information that reflect the form that was submitted?

Considering the spam laws, it is very possible that authorized submissions could be passed through site owners websites; there is no record to say otherwise. If an auto-responder email system could be implemented for the visitor and the website owner, this would give us a level of security from "possible" spam complaints.

ebiz support
Posted: 13 November 2005 - 10:20 AM
Every email account in our system has an autoresponder option included with it. Click the Edit link next to any email address on the Setup Email Accounts screen to get to the settings for it.

Any feedback form added to your site can be set to send the info submitted to any email address. If you set it to send the info to an email address that has an autoresponder setup on it then the person who submitted the form will get the auto response.

As the site owner, you are informed of the submission when you receive the information submitted. The email containing the info will also have a time and date stamped on it. If other data can be passively collected, such as the person's ISP, operating system, browser, etc. then it will also be included at the bottom of the email.

Also, all feedback forms now include a security code option by default. This option automatically generates an ID code image at the bottom of the form. The person has to retype the code into the security box to signal that they are a real person and not an automated script trying to send spam through your forms.

eBizWebpages Support Forum : Suggestions : Linking an autoresponder to the recipient email field

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