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How To Make Your Own Website

If you want to know how to make your own website then you must have a reason, a goal, or an objective that the website will help fulfill. Before starting, it is best to first have a plan for what the site will actually do, how it should function, and who the audience is that will primarily be using or relying on the site. Keeping those topics in mind will make it alot easier to learn how to make your own website and result in the website being much more useful.

If you would like some assistance in planning your website or need help learning how to make your own website, please contact us anytime. We have experienced design specialists and business consultants standing by willing to help you at no extra charge.
With a functional plan in mind, the next step is to begin actually making your website. Our system allows you to easily go through a few simple selections to get the basic framework of the website started in just a few minutes. We have hundreds of preconfigured, generic design layout examples available for you to browse through. There are also hundreds more available that are tailored specifically for a variety of different industries and services. The best thing is that any of the parts of the examples you see are interchangeable from one design layout to another. So there are literally thousands of design combinations possible. All you need to do is select an initial design layout to begin. Colors, graphics, styles and your own content can be fully customized in later steps. Go to the Start Free Trial page to browse design layouts now.
The next step in how to make your own website is to begin the customization process. Most of this is done in the Design settings section of your account. Each part of the design elements included in the layout you chose has it's own set of controls. Want to try some other menu styles? You can instantly enable any of the many available options and see how they appear on the website in real time. Each menu style option can even be further customized in color, size, font, alignment, etc.

Other parts of the design settings enable you to create or upload custom banner graphics, custom logos, custom content group boxes, unlimited custom colors, and more. You can select any options you want at any time and see instantly what it will look like. There is also a large library of video tutorials included in every account that will help you see how to make your own website the way you want it to look.
Once you have all the design elements set you can then start adding pages to your website and adding content to those pages. When you start your account there will be several example webpages preloaded to help you get some ideas for arranging your information. You can either edit those preloaded pages to add your own content or you can delete them and add completely new pages. Click the Add Page button near the top of your screen and you'll find a variety of blank or pre-configured page styles available. Pre-configured page styles include content examples that demonstrate how to make your own website photo gallery or how to make your own website contact form. These options take out alot of the usual guess work and can save you alot of time.
To add text to any page you simply click on a large green Add button on the page, select Text from the list of content options, and then select one of the many text configuration components available. A text editor that functions just like the word processor or email program you're accustomed to using will open and you simply click in the box and type in your text. When finished you click an Apply Changes button and the text you typed in is instantly added to the website page. Other content types can be added to any page the same way. You can add individual pictures or groups of pictures. You can add text and pictures together. There are options for uploading videos, linking to other pages or other websites, uploading files, adding calendars, maps, message boards and other interactive features. A blogging system is included and ecommerce options are available with a Store account. There's even more. Don't be afraid to try all of the content options to see how they work.
Don't feel like you have to set all of your pages right away. A good website is always a growing and evolving work in progress. You can add or edit as many website pages as you want at any time. If a primary goal of your website is to attract new customers then you'll want the site to be well listed in the search engines. Search engines love websites that regularly supply new and engaging content. So it's best to get your home page, a contact page, and maybe just a few more pages that briefly describe your products and/or services setup and launched as quickly as possible. Then add more pages with additional or more detailed information over time. You can learn more about how to make your own website that the search engines will like in the Marketing section of your account. Again, we also have experienced consultants who are available to help you at any time. Just contact us and a representative will be glad to assist you.

Hopefully, this article has helped you see how to make your own website quickly and easily. With the basic building blocks in place you are then ready to launch your website. Just like everything else, we make that step easy as well. All you do is activate your account and either setup your existing domain name or register a new one. Domains registered through us are automatically set to connect to any website you build. Within 24 hours your website will be online for the whole world to see. Start a no obligation, 10 day FREE trial account now to see for yourself just how easy and fun it can be to learn how to make your own website.
Design layouts to make your own website
Select from thousands of pre-made design layouts or create a new one from scratch.
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Customize your own website design.
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Add custom page styles to your own website at any time.
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You can add any type of content to any page when you make your own website.
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