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How To Build Your Own Website

Easy Step by Step Instructions

There are 3 simple steps of how to build your own website.

  1. Choose a platform for building your website.
  2. Choose a catchy and relevant domain name for the address of your website and find a host.
  3. Choose a cool theme and customize the design to make it look amazing.

Step 1 - Choose A Platform for Building Your Website

Before you figure out the details of your domain name and the color schemes that will make your website stand out, you first need to decide the platform that you will use to make you own website. About a decade ago, the majority of websites were built using CSS, HTML (code) and sometimes even Flash. They sound difficult, don’t they? You are right, and these methods took too much time to learn and again, mastering the process was rather tricky. In fact, that’s why most of us still assume that you need to do a lot of skill in coding and design to create a website from scratch. Fortunately, things have changed now and that hectic process is long gone history.

Today there are a variety content management systems (CMS) or website building platforms that have made creating a website quite simple for anyone; even if you are a complete novice who only uses your computer for light browsing, occasional typing and maybe watching a couple of funny YouTube videos. In other words, building your own website is no longer rocket science. A CMS is basically a user-friendly platform for creating websites and easy management of your own online content, instead of making use of a bunch of loose pages of HTML.

There are lots of CMSs you can choose from and your top priority is to select the right one. You wouldn’t want to be halfway through the process of building your site only to find out that the CMS platform you chose is completely unfit for you and what you wanted for your website. You want to avoid such kind of trouble and that’s why it’s best for you to choose eBizWebpages.

Why You Should Choose

Here’s why eBizWebpages is the best option for easy and fast creation of your website when compared to all other options:

One of the best things about this website creator is how easy it is to use. If you already know how to use the standard Microsoft programs on your computer (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint…), then you are good to go. You will instinctively be able to add, edit and even publish your own content in a few minutes.

Furthermore, it is flexible and customizable so that you can make your own website fit your needs exactly as you wish. There are website accessories that can tweak your design to make it pop and other extras that make management way easier. Moreover, if you have some advanced skills up your sleeves, your creativity won’t be restricted; you can add your own code, file formats and even graphics to customize your template as much as you want.

Whether you want a simple website or complex ecommerce site, all tools are at your disposal.

eBizWebpages is a top rated online website builder that is packed with thousands of design options for both laid back blogs and fully-fledged professional site options. It can handle just about anything when it comes to your website requirements.

Thanks to the current technological trends, more people are moving their internet browsing activity to mobile devices such as smartphones, phablets and tablets. Therefore, having a website that responds exceptionally well to all these devices is crucial. When you build a website using eBizWebpages, your site will be able to instantly meet these technological demands without having to hire a web developer.

This website maker comes with a vast range of extra features; image editors, marketing tools, logo maker, mobile site builder, email accounts, mailing list system, blogging system, traffic monitoring, social media interactive tools and so much more. These extra tools will make it much easier for you to communicate with your target audience. eBizWebpages is a remarkable ecommerce website builder that can help your business and brand grow.

eBizWebpages has a vibrant, super-helpful support system that is always at your beck and call. In case you have a question or you get stuck in the course of using the website creator you will always get the help that you need and more. There are a lot of walk throughs from the first step of theme selection. Video tutorials are also available so any questions or problems will be dealt with swiftly.

STEP 2 - Choose a catchy and relevant domain name and find a host.

Before you make your own website and get it online, there are two main things that you will need:

a) A domain name: the web address of your website e.g.
b) A Hosting service: a service which will connect your website to the internet

Ps: If you already have a domain name in mind, you can skip right to Step 3, the third and final step.

What domain name should you pick?
Picking out a domain name for your website may be a little difficult when you decide to build a website. Keep in mind that it has to be catchy, unique and easy to remember. Here is a quick guide to help you out:

Easy starting point:
If you are making a website for yourself, then using your name is a great idea e.g. On the other hand, if you use a website maker to build a site for your business, then your domain name is supposed to match the name of your company. e.g.

Use Your Top 10 Keywords
Another simple way of coming up with a great domain name is to think of roughly 10 terms or keywords that adequately describe what the website you want to create will be about. After you have a clear picture of the terms, then you can join them, add prefixes or suffixes or mix them up however you like. You will easily come up with some awesome ideas for your domain name.

Be Unique
Don’t be tempted to choose a domain name that can easily be confused with the name of a different website. It shouldn’t be a plural, misspelled or jumbled up version of a domain that is already established. Otherwise, your website may fall flat even before it takes off. Tap in to your creativity and find something that can be uniquely identified, especially if you are looking to build a brand or an ecommerce website.

Go With .com, .net or .org extensions or a Local Top Level Domain Extension
Currently, there are a wide variety of domain extensions that you can choose from; from .com to .agency and even .pizza. However, only very few extensions are worth having. The most valuable extensions online when you make your own website are .com, .net and .org particularly if you are aiming at building your brand. That’s because the three domain extensions will target a global audience in the respective order of highest popularity. On the other hand, if you are aiming at a local audience, use for the United Kingdom or .au for Australia for instance. Avoid domain extensions like

Choose a Short, Punchy and Memorable Domain Name
As much as people have the tendency of finding your website as a result of a branded search on the major search engines like Google, it’s still critical for you to make your domain name easy to type and spell. If it will take considerable effort to spell it or to type it because of its length, then there is a good chance of you losing a significant portion of your brand and market value. The same goes, if it has words or sounds that are difficult to pronounce and remember.

Keep it short, punchy and memorable. Domain names that are easy to remember have high word-of-mouth and search engine prominence. You wouldn’t want to have a super-cool website the no one will ever remember telling their friends about just because the name of the site is too damn hard to recall. And again, a short domain name is always better because it will be a lot easier to type and remember as well. The domain name that you choose should swiftly roll off the tongue, clearly describe what your website or your business/brand is about (perhaps in a clever manner) and stick in the head!

Stick to Letters ONLY!
Don’t ever make the mistake of adding, hyphens, numbers or any other characters that aren’t letters to your domain name. That’s because it will be too difficult to say it out verbally to anyone and thus, it won’t be memorable.

What About Web Hosting?
When you use the eBizWebpages website builder, you won’t have to worry about web hosting services because it’s all in the package once you sign up. For a simple site, everything plus hosting is only $19.95 per month, which is pretty cheap. On the other hand, if you want to want a fully-fledged ecommerce website, the package which also includes hosting starts at just $39.95 per month. So, you don’t have to go through the trouble of finding a host.

STEP 3 - The Final Step: Setting Up Your eBizWebpages Website & Making It Look Awesome

So, your domain name and hosting is ready and now the only thing that remains is to make your new website function. In the next couple of minutes, your website will be up and running!

With the simple steps that follow, you can make your own website look cool, awesome and professional or just whatever/however you want it to look.

Even before you set anything up the eBizWebpages website creator automatically allocates a very basic theme for you just to get you started as quickly as possible. If you wish, you can stick with that and proceed to adding information on your online website builder. Here is how it looks:

default design layout

Pretty neat and clean, right? However, you don’t want your new website to look exactly the same as anyone else’s, do you? That’s why you should select and customize a design layout that represents your identity as a blogger or as a brand. There are literally hundreds of eBizWebpages themes that you can choose from and customize how you like.

To select and customize a design layout for your website, log into your eBizWebpages Dashboard
It’s simple, you can go to the home page and type in your account name and password. If you have already activated your site, just type in the domain name of your site (e.g. in the account name field. Enter your password and you will be taken right to the eBizWebpages dashboard. After you log in, this is how your dashboard will look:

account dashboard

Lucky for you, everything you need to customize your site is easily labeled, so don’t feel overwhelmed. It isn’t half as complex as it looks. They are just some buttons for options and functions that will help you bring your site to life, exactly as you visualized in your mind.

For familiarity purposes, you can take a few quick minutes to explore the dashboard. You will easily understand how everything works on this website maker and be completely fluent with the platform. If you are wondering what all the buttons do, don’t sweat it. In the next couple of minutes, this guide will help you with everything you need to make your own website.

Getting Started With The Free eBizWebpages Design Layouts
In simple terms, a 'Layout' or ‘Theme’ is a collection of files that you can use from the eBizWebpages platform that will work together to produce the front-end style of your site.

The main aspects of the eBizWebpages themes are:

  • Your sites complete design and layout
  • Front design
  • Colors
  • Logo
  • Header
  • Background
  • Templates (or page layouts)
  • Text font and style
  • Mobile responsiveness design
  • Structure and Style of the menus

Once you log in to your dashboard, you have access to hundreds and perhaps even thousands of free themes! Even with the preloaded free theme, you can still customize all aspects of your site exactly how you want. But for now, let’s choose a theme first and you can get back to customizing the rest of your site after that. Click on the “Design” button to get started.

Design options

You will be taken to a design mage with more options. From the design page, click on the “layout” button at the top menu bar…

Customizing the design layout

Once you click on “layout” you will be prompted to choose between ‘Select New Design’ and ‘Modify Layout’ options. Since you want to choose your theme from all the available design options, click on the “browse designs” button that is just below the ‘Select New Design’ title as shown:

Changing Design Layouts

From there, you can browse through all the available themes layouts and choose what pleases you most. The eBizWebpages website creator has already categorized the themes in helpful filters which make section way easier.

Popular Layout Styles

These filters are:

  • Showcase Designs – Best themes if your website is for showcasing stuff
  • Popular Layouts – The most popular layouts that have been used so far.
  • Clean – These themes will give the website you are building a lighter, brighter look.
  • Dark – These are best if you are looking to give your website a darker and subtle appearance.
  • Category: default – when you click on this filter button you will be able to select a theme and design based on what your site is about. e.g. if your site is about fashion, click on “fashion” from the ‘Category: default’ filter and you will be taken to themes that best befit fashion websites.

Design Categories

How To Load Your Theme
To choose a theme layout that you like, just click on it and the changes will be applied to your website. What’s even more interesting is that you can pick only specific aspects of a theme or design that please you and add it to the rest of your website. How cool is that?

Remember, you can always come back to the “layout” button if you would like to edit any aspect of your design. All the available buttons will direct you right to what you would like to change or modify. Feel free to modify, update or change the themes as much as you want, that will have no effected whatsoever on content that you already have. Be assured that nothing bad (e.g. being deleted) will happen to your blog posts, images and pages. They will stay intact.

How To Add Pages And Content To Your Website
You are almost done! You have already seen that how to build a website is very easy when you use eBizWebpages. The last entry level task that remains is adding pages and content to your website; another very simple and basic step when you build a website. Here we go:


One of the most crucial factors that make the eBizWebpages website builder stand out from many other platforms is that a couple of pages are already created for you. They are:

  • Home page
  • Services page
  • Gallery
  • Blog
  • FAQ
  • About Us
  • Contact

So, half the work is already done for you.

Add pages and content

If you wish to modify, add or delete any of the pages, click the “page list” option as shown above and you will be taken to the above list of pages that are created for you by default.

Reading the page list

From the “Page List” you can:

1. Edit the pages: by clicking the “edit” button. After clicking it, you will be redirected to the section where you can edit any part of the page that you want. Here, you can edit/add Titles, Subtitles and Content (links, videos, social media buttons) to your pages. You can also resize, delete, change or upload new images. Any of these changes can be done by clicking on the prompting green and blue buttons that appear beside the content on the page.

Editing pages

Apart from that, you can also easily change and customize the name, layout and overall design of your page menu while you are still editing the rest of your page.  To do this, scroll down to the “Site Design” menu that is almost at the bottom of the page and click on “Properties”

Edit the design layout

After everything is done, click on “apply changes” and all your edits will be applied to your page.

2. Delete a page: by hitting the “delete” button

3. Add a page: by selecting the “add page” button: see more instructions below.

4. Rearrange the pages: in any order that you want by clicking the “reorder pages” button

Adding a new page to your website is one of the easiest steps of how to make your own website. Just click the “Add Page Option” from the “Page List” Menu and you will be prompted to choose the layout and style of your page as shown below.

How to add a new page

Whatever layout you choose from the ones available in the four menus (Standard blank pages, No theme graphics, Interactive pages, Text/image layouts), you will be prompted to select the Page Name and the Page Location. The Page Location is basically where you want your page to be located on your website, you can choose between ‘main menu’ and ‘non-menu pages’ or from the drop-down arrow, choose to add it as a sub-page of a page that is already on your website.

Each page is preloaded with content sections to help you better control where and how your information, products, or images are arranged. To add any kind of content, just click any of the green + buttons at the top of each section. You can add as many different types of content to each section as you like. You can also divide content sections into additional sections to have even more control. The configuration options are endless.

Choose a page layout

If you are starting a blog or you want to include a blog section after you make your own website with this ecommerce website builder, then knowing how to add posts is important. Since a Blog page is already included for you by this website creator, what you need to do next is to customize your blog title add a small introduction using the steps of “edit the pages” above. You can then add and publish a post in a few simple steps:

From the list of pages on the “Page List” menu, click on “Blog” and you will be redirected to the home page of your blog section.
Click the “Post Entry” button and you can start writing your post right away.

Add a new blog post

You can add images to your post to make it more attractive and customize the text, format or layout of your post as you wish. The section for adding text looks a lot like Microsoft Word, so working on the text will be just as simple as what you are used to do when you are editing a Word document.

When everything is done, you can publish it by clicking the “Apply Changes” button and it will be live in a few seconds. However, if you don’t feel like publishing you can click “save as draft” then you can continue working on it later. If you wish, you can also enable comments of your post so that your audience can share their thoughts on what you have published. Just check the “enable comments” box

Upload your blog post

How to make a website can be rather complicated if you have no experience whatsoever. But then, as you can see, if you want to build your own website, eBizWebpages makes it very simple for you. It wasn’t half as difficult as you probably expected, was it? eBizWebpages is an easy, user-friendly website builder that can effectively get your site live in a few minutes and you will not need the help of a web developer!

Last but Not Least!
Remember, you can keep improving your website as much as you want and adding extra features from any of the menus.
Feel free to share this guide with anyone who you think might be interested in how to make a website.

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